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Our Village

A local icon,”Spectacle Productions & SpectacleTV Video & Live Streams” “Signs of Encouragement” motivates all that pass. Emblazon beside his studio is a 12-foot sign proclaiming “Flint Is A Great Place To Make Better”. Spectacle Productions is an example to be matched. Its positive, enlightened outlook has inspired many and amazed, even more. Spectacles 25 year involvement with Juneteenth its celebration and nationalization shows their heart.

​ Spectacle Productions’ primary area of services is an example to be met. Their video productions for the Flint Public Access system allows them to help keep the community informed, additionally their newest venture WFOV 92.1 LPFM “Our Voices Radio” is an extension of providing community members and organization a voice in the community they haven’t had before. It doesn’t stop there. Spectacle Productions & SpectacleTV Video & Live Streams can be found on; YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, & Twitch, our newest broadcast partners.


Determined to make a difference!



Spectacle TV

When my Great-Grand-Father Discovered it! He was AMAZED!
When my Grand-Father Saw it! He was ENTERTAINED
When my Father Watched It! He was INFORMED
When we create it! We do all three.


Kwanzaa 360vr 24/7

A celebration of culture and character.  Kwanzaa is like renewing your dues to your community.  Find one! Start one, but make sure you are part of the celebration. Bring he Holiday Home.

WFOV 92.1 LPFM-Flint