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There was a day when Reading, Righting, & Rithmitic, were the staples of existence.  Don’t get me wrong 2+2 is still important, but knowing what file to export your thesis to is now a concern.  

What’s more interesting is now its not just to get job.  Houses’s are SMART,  Phones are SMART.  appliances are SMART!    Unfortunately that means we need to get SMARTER!  

Our guess maybe better than yours

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Working with this technology daily we are constantly engaged with the changes and advancements (sometimes) of everyday technologies. Even though not self proclaimed experts,  We my HAVE SEEN MORE THEN YOU. regarding tech.  Not to say there are not the few that have  stumped us!  Like the client who wanted to know how to get the coffee cup holder back it took minute to future out he was talking about the CD Drives disc holder.   That said, If you really want too know how to use its we will learn it and then teach you!.


You’re Paying for it!  Are you getting your monies worth

Big Sur Thinking

We look at electronics as investments,  bad ones but investment yet and still.   When you sign up for a cell service you wan to get your monies worth.  When a  company offers you “I-Cloud” storage you want o know how that benefits you.  Well so do we! 

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