As each project is different. pricing varies.  

I tell clients:

“It’s gonna be more than you thought!  But less than your willing to spend. ” 

Our goal is to get you hooked on your project.  We are use to making a lot of dimes (repeat business) vs few dollars (Hi Pricing).  Therefore, if you’re trying to budget..

our hourly production rates are:

$110……for corporations

$100 per hour for Non-Profits.  

Radio time can be underwritten for less than:

$1 per minute (26 Minute Min).  

Tech Tutors are:

$25-$55 per hour.  

PATEREONS or Villager’s:

Along with deep discounts, our paterons receive additional perks



When budgeting always consider its going to take way longer than you think, triple or quadruple your estimates.




Level 1


per month

Under Construction

This is the base of all we do. 5 dollars from everyone we touch is fantastic. Those who can do more will do more… for those who just want to DO this levels for you! 

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beloved villager

Level 2


per month

Under Construction

In our “Village” There is no such thing as “other peoples Children”. Almost!   everybody we meet or do business with becomes a part of our extended family.  Join The Village!

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Loved Matriarch/Patriarch

Level 3


per month

Under Construction

Our Matriarchal and Patriarchal obligations are clear, make things better. In some cultures you dye 3x’s 1st Mortality is realized 2nd Death & the 3rd the last time your name is spoken.  Live forever!

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Wisened elder

Level 4


per month

Under Construction

We set the stage for those to comes, we have built the roads on which to travel or diverge, we have or are driven the charge. Now its your turn.

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Count Me IN!

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