Nothing But The Word

FULL GOSPEL Christian Church Pastored by Dr. James L. Wheeler> Professes to be a Bible Base congregation,  but you be the judge.  

WFOV 92.1 LPFM Flint

Our Voices Radio,,,  Even the softest of voice amplified have power!  BE HEARD


Eclectic Ramblings

Its a wild ride with host Paul H Herring Sr. & Donna Taylor!   They talk about it all!  Join the live stream listen on the radio or watch on your local access channel.  The conversations vary,  but the fun stays the same.

Saturdays 1:00 pM. Facebook & Youtube…. PATReoN Fridays 4pm & 8pm  JOIN IN THE Live 360vr Show

Come Learn With Me

COME LEARN WITH ME!  For people over 53.  

 All i know for sure is that there is a lot of stuff I don’t know.   I just can figure out why!  

The Old Man & The Cities Skylines that is!

One of the best city builders ever! This AFX Race Set, Lionel train Set, lego on steroids id say.  You get to build a city from the ground up!  Transit, Fire Prevention,  Police, Parks,  Power, industry, employment and yes Water, are all your responsibility.  I an working on recreating Flint… street by street and I ‘d like your help!    

Saturdays 4:00 pm Live on Pateron

Tech Tutor

Routers, Cell Phones, Facebook, Instant Gram, do you really know. how to use these techs and other’s.   If I told you most people use less than 2% of the technology they are paying for you’d be amazed.  So I won’t   What I will tell you is I didn’t and felt as if I were cheating myself. A $600 phone should cook dinner and answer the door. and you know they kinda can!  Learn how.